Education is the most prior factor in the development of youth. Providing basic and applied academic attitudes, skills, and behaviors to the youth is the main motive of YDLC. It aims in tutoring, study skills training, and instruction leading to the completion of secondary school, including dropout prevention strategies. In this learning program, youths are encouraged to use the skills they have acquired in school in different practical contexts. Youths are motivated to develop not only a higher aptitude for academic achievement but also the ability to approach learning with the strategy for achieving success.

Moreover, this program will support initial and ongoing skills assessment as well as career and vocational assessment, both formal and informal. One will be able to identify their learning styles, strengths, and challenges. They will be able to contextualized learning activities such as service-learning projects in which academic skills are applied to community needs. They will be monitoring and accountability for their own grades and the creation of a continuous improvement plan based on grades and goals. This program emphasizes on development of a formal learning plan that includes long- and short-term goals and action steps along with group problem-solving activities.

    • Education is human rights and basic instrumental for personal empowerment. However, lower caste people like Dalit’s children are socially excluded.
    • Education improves the livelihoods of poor people and breaks the poverty cycles.
    • YDLC breaks down all those barriers and provide equal access to education for every people.


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