Our program comprises of different research and innovation-based tasks encouraging youth in active learning and participation in service-based activities contributing in community’s as well as nation’s development.

Paid and unpaid work experiences, including internship and job shadowing

The positive outcomes of this program will include increased self-esteem, enhanced identity development, greater communication skills, decreased involvement in risky behaviors such as drug use, increased academic achievement, and personal safety.

    • Research and Innovation program help youth to learn specific knowledge and skills related to leadership
    • Youth will understand the history, values, and beliefs of their society
    • It involves youth in service to others – to their community, country, and the world, hence facilitating self-reflection & processing of learning both individually as well as cooperatively
    • Research that YDLC conduct in a way that helps the disadvantage people like Dalit
    • YDLC conducts professional development & occupational training to work against innate workplace discrimination.


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