YDLC To Mark Youth Day at KU EduHall

  • ydlc
  • 08th Nov, 2020

The Youth Development and Leadership for Change (YDLC) has made a plan to mark International Youth Day at KU Education Networkhall, an institution.

Youth For Change's mission is to enhance the well-being of children, individuals, families, and communities. To do this we have to acknowledge recent events and the many forms of individual, societal, and institutional racism that impact Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC). This is usually the place where it is proper to state that we will stand with integrity as an organization and stick to our values with a general statement. But, this time is different. We do need to stand by these values, but more importantly, we need to listen to what our staff, youth, families, and the communities we serve have to say. We must listen and challenge ourselves to move forward, to learn and grow, and to create a better tomorrow. What can we do to make a change, no matter how small? We must be humble, and make room to truly listen to each other, and those we serve. We must learn from each other. Together, we will move forward into a better tomorrow.

Youth For Change's culture includes a proactive process for continuous improvement. Here are some of the highlights from 2018 demonstrating the satisfaction, effectiveness, efficiency, and access to our services.

We also survey our clients and stakeholders every year and have included highlights from those surveys as well. Youth For Change uses the information gathered to assist us in continually improving our performance and providing excellent service to the children, individuals, families, and communities we serve.

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