Who we are

Who we are


The Youth Development and Leadership for Change (YDLC) National standards and quality indicators are research-based benchmarks that articulate quality education and implementing comprehensive transition systems, practices, and policies nationwide for youth and ultimately recognized them as a global leader.


World’s 40% population occupied by youth.

Data: U.S. Census Bureau Youth 41,910,114

Age-group: 10 to 19

Education: To empower at-risk children through reinforcement and developmental programs.

Elementary schools: 87,498

Secondary schools: 26,727

Combined schools: 15,804

Other: 901

Employment: :Based on the  U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report by July 2019, 56.2 percent of young people were employed from age 16 to 24

Business: 32.5 Million Small Business

UN youth council: 15 to 24 year

Executive level:

Based on world data, we have focused to US as primary beneficiaries and developing countries as secondary beneficiary.

Our working modality will be adopted form the most recent practices.

Our strategy:


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